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SaaS Research had an opportunity to chat with the CEO & Founder, Phil Patton, at Aquilon Software. To offer some background: Aquilon ERP is an integrated, end-to-end financial and supply chain software solution designed for small and medium-sized companies who need a reliable, affordable system to manage their business.

Our hope is that you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!


Q: What makes Aquilon ERP a good choice for small and mid-size businesses?

A: First, let’s clarify this question by recognizing that we do not meet the needs of all small and mid-size businesses. No product does. But where we are a good match, determined by working through and understanding our potential client’s requirements, there are many good reasons to consider Aquilon ERP seriously.

Risky Business!

Changing your existing ERP or implementing an ERP for the first time can be risky. Aquilon reduces this risk by ensuring we are a good “fit” with a prospective client. This “fit” includes ticking almost all their functionality requirement boxes and ensuring a suitable match of company cultures. We view this evaluation process as the potential beginning of a long-term “partnership” and “relationship.”

Next, we regularly present Aquilon ERP “live on-line” so that the prospective client can see the software in action. We encourage prospects to challenge us to make sure we meet or exceed their needs. Taking the time to ensure this “fit” dramatically reduces the risk for both the prospective client and Aquilon Software.

Our “Fast Implementation Methodology” and “phased” implementation approach further reduces the risk that can be associated with the implementation of a new ERP system. Our “data conversion” system tools have seen customers “go live” in as little as two weeks (these scenarios were emergencies!). Let’s face it, a shortened yet smooth implementation project saves time, money and keeps your employees engaged.

Grow with us!

While Aquilon ERP is a feature-rich software solution; many small and mid-sized businesses will not use the complete suite of the features to start. However, they will begin to “switch on” complete modules and specific features within modules, as they grow. Aquilon’s flexibility provides clients a software solution and business partner that will grow with them. Aquilon is continuously listening to suggestions for improvement and specific feature requests from clients. Customer feedback is a substantial driver for our development team.

Using the Aquilon SAAS model, our clients appreciate the advantage of starting small in the Cloud and adding users and Cloud resources as they grow. You don’t pay for resources that you don’t need today, and you do not have to face the cost of changing server hardware as the requirements evolve and the business expands.


Q: What do you think differentiates Aquilon ERP from your competitors?

A: Ease of use, speed of implementation, and the ability to “grow into the software” stand us apart from many competitors. While some companies may never need to change their software, we have seen some clients grow from six users to more than one hundred users. We’ve found that we fit well with “growing and dynamic” organizations, regardless of size.

Aquilon uniquely allows their clients to start in the Cloud and move to an on-premise deployment any time they wish. The advantage of this approach is that while they are able to start small, as they grow, there may be good reason why they need to move to an on-premise system.

Once users get comfortable with our user interface and their ability to personalize data views and queries, create custom reports, and analyze data without the help of an IT resource, they love the software.

The key is, like any new software, you will be wise to plan for an appropriate amount of time for users to learn and develop familiarity with how it works.


Q: What do your customers like about the software?

A: Feedback from prospective and existing clients almost always includes the “familiar feel” of the user interface and real-time data visibility. Also, we hear regularly about the ability to customize data views and queries, create Excel extracts, PDF reports, and control client-facing documents without the intervention of an IT resource.

Moreover, each user maintains their environment, which is available to them whether working from the office or remote location. And clients consistently report that Aquilon’s SAAS model is convenient and easy to use no matter where they log in. Our two-factor authentication, backups, and Malwarebytes endpoint security give them peace of mind.


Q: No product is perfect, so where do you have room for improvement?

A: When you compare our user interface to various competitors, some would characterize their application as prettier. But “eye candy does not run my business,” commented one of our clients. Aquilon still has some batch file updates, but simply for the General Ledger update, and we are busy addressing this functionality.


Q: What is Aquilon ERP’s value proposition?

A: When evaluating a software solution, make sure it meets or exceeds your current and future business requirements, consider all the costs involved and ensure you feel comfortable with the potential vendor. You should always factor the following three significant costs into your evaluation decision: software user licensing, implementation/user training, and ongoing support. With Aquilon ERP, your total cost of ownership (TCO) will be one of the lowest in the marketplace

Aquilon Software has a demonstrated history of achieving one of the lowest TCO’s for growing and dynamic, small and medium-sized companies. When combined with the software’s longevity, Aquilon clients consistently report:

  • Improved operational productivity.
  • Savings of operation costs.
  • Ongoing process improvement.
  • Improved decision due to real time data analysis.


Terms used in this blog.

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, integrated software that covers many aspects of your business and saves data duplication.

SAAS – Software As A Service. A system where you license to run software in the Cloud, not on your premise. All services in the Cloud are taken care of for you, such as the licensing of applicable software, hardware, network resources, and more. It is a quick and convenient way of licensing software, and most often, it saves on an up-front capital cost in return for easy to afford monthly payments.

TCO – Total Cost Of Ownership. When evaluating the cost of any project, you should look at the initial costs and the ongoing costs over the life of the asset or project to assess the total costs.

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