Aquilon offers a range of services that will help you transition from your old system to your new system smoothly

Data conversion

Aquilon offers data conversion services to help you quickly and accurately convert your data from your old Software to Aquilon


If you have no experience with previous ERP implementations, it can be tricky, expensive, and risky. Aquilon’s FAST implementation methodology and included programs (yes, at no additional cost to you) will help mitigate both the risk and costs of your implementation.


Training is key to using the new Software effectively and meeting or beating your objectives for changing Software. Aquilon offers the following training options which will help you reduce your overall expenses and ensure a successful transition:

  • On-line help system for staff who prefer to read
  • General video training for staff who prefer visual training
  • Specific video training for your unique business processes
  • On-line hand-holding and training
  • On-site training when and if needed

On-going support

Once live on-going support is essential to your continued success with the Software

  • All training options listed above are available for your new and existing staff
  • On-line support calls
    • Email support for inquiries and non-urgent issues
    • Phone support for urgent issues
    • Shadowing sessions to show you how to use the Software or solve a unique issue
    • On-site if required

Custom software changes

Aquilon is unique as we are willing to write custom software for clients in our industry segments.

If your business has any unique business processes, Aquilon will quote for the changes and incorporate them into the standard version of the Software. You pay once, and the changes are supported in all future releases at no extra charge.


Why Customers Choose Us

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    Increased visibility resulting in more accurate planning

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    Accurate costs and margins

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    Improved customer service

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    Increased competitiveness

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    Increased agility to market demands

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    Significant reduction in setup and tear-down costs

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    Reduction in idle time

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    Reduced working capital – inventory and work in progress

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Case Studies


Loss Prevention Fasteners

The world is held together with nuts, bolts, and screws. Loss Prevention Fasteners takes great pride in supplying distributors in more than 40 countries. Their can-do attitude and approach to providing solutions for customers resulting in a win/win partnership. It’s more than a track record of delivering high-quality fasteners that makes Loss Prevention Fasteners a trusted brand. It is Stopping-Theft-Every-Day, and they understand that their business depends on the customers and the industries served...

Health and Beauty Product Manufacturing


ProLab Health and Beauty is a Private label manufacturer of health & beauty products with over 150 years of combined team experience. The GMP-compliant facility is based in Vancouver, BC, and has what it takes to get the job done. ProLab helps customers realize their product dreams from development to production.

ProLab operates with tight margins and strict cost control, so we needed a well-priced but feature-rich...


Twelve Oaks Flooring

Twelve Oaks is a flooring supplier and distributor and has been in the flooring business for over a decade, mainly catering to flooring specialty stores across Canada and the USA. Today a thousand stores across North America have partnered with Twelve Oaks® to reinvigorate the meaning of value in the flooring trade. Our wide selection of products – engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, luxury vinyl, and laminate floors all bear the stamp of approval from our satisfied consumers. We have a dedicated in-house marketing...


Why Our Clients Use Our Software

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