Case Study: Prolabs

Client: Prolabs

Industry: Label Manufacturers

Services: Medical Labels

Prolab Health and Beauty Ltd. Improves its customer service, business processes, and inventory accuracy with Aquilon ERP software


ProLab Health and Beauty is a Private label manufacturer of health & beauty products with over 150 years of combined team experience. The GMP-compliant facility is based in Vancouver, BC, and has what it takes to get the job done. ProLab helps customers realize their product dreams from development to production.

ProLab operates with tight margins and strict cost control, so we needed a well-priced but feature-rich system to help us with our order, inventory, costing and manufacturing management, says Jonathan Langman, President. The nutraceutical industry must control inventory with lot numbers and robust quality assurance testing. We were looking for the product to meet all of these criteria and have an integrated financial package.



We looked around for a while and evaluated and tested several ERP systems in-house before settling on Aquilon software. Aquilon worked closely with us during the presentations to ensure that they were a good fit for our company.



Jonathan and his team chose Aquilon’s ERP system “because it gave us access to the features we needed at a price we could afford. It also has an easy-to-use, and I would say more usable user interface. We particularly liked the ability to customize the data queries with the information we wanted and extract data to Excel easily or produce PDF reports.



Our manufacturing efficiencies have improved, and our inventory management is on track. The system can separate inventory that we own from stock owned by customers. The Product Definition system has allowed us to automate our costing and move away from spreadsheets. We have gained at least a 15% increase in productivity, enabling us to do more with the same resources. We have also streamlined our inventory systems and have complete control and visibility into inventory on hand, in the QA warehouse, and inbound from our suppliers and customers. We use the replenishment planning system extensively, which automates the math and, once approved, creates the purchase order, which is then emailed to our suppliers.

While there have been some occasions where we reported issues with the software,  the software as a whole is error-free, fast, and robust. The implementation went smoothly and came in on budget. Aquilon is responsive to our support calls and always willing to work with us when we make suggestions for improvements.

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