Financial Management

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Financial Management

Our Financial Management capability supports the full range of financial operations, delivering financial control with comprehensive analytics that gives you insights in every area of your business. Our Management Dashboard provides a 360 view of the business that is essential to strategic decision-making. It gives you the ability to track all financial & accounting data within a single application and to drill down to the detail where necessary, allowing you to manage by exception. After all, why waste time managing something that is working?


  • Reduced operating and transaction costs
  • Increased liquidity and operational efficiency
  • Streamlined financial processes, including collection, financing, payment, and settlement
  • Enhanced e-business strategy, linking financial processes with business partners and service providers
  • Increased transparency of business performance and strategic success factors
  • Accelerated response to the market changes that drive profitability and value creation
  • Empowered managers and employees through self-service
  • Improved communication with investors and stakeholders
  • Enhanced access to accurate, real-time financial and performance information – even across enterprise boundaries and third-party systems

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