Aquilon’s’ ERP for manufacturing is suitable for expanding small and mid-size enterprises looking for a feature-rich, practical, and affordable ERP system.

Aquilon’s features for manufacturing include manufacturing estimating software for custom products, bill-of-materials, bill-of-operations, actual vs. expected costing, “what-if” costing scenarios, job costing, and WIP planning software.

Furthermore, the manufacturing system caters for short, mid, and long manufacturing jobs using backflushing, kit issues, or work in progress jobs

The tightly integrated manufacturing, distribution, and financial system have the advantage of working with only one system and not multiple silos of information. The benefits are improved accuracy, no duplication of data entry, and one database from which to report and analyze your data

Aquilon has many manufacturers using the system, generating new efficiencies and keeping tight control with practical management and costing features.


Product Definition

The Product Definition (also known as Bill of Materials/ Labor) module manages the structures (material input) and operations (labor, machine time etc.) of products that are manufactured or assembled (e.g., kits). It calculates expected costs of all the parent parts and sub-assemblies, from costs of inventory and operations required (labor, machine time, and overheads).

Estimating (for manufacturing)

The Manufacturing Estimating module is designed to allow you to build quotes for custom products based upon existing product (modified) or a list of new components or sub-assemblies by adding materials, operations, and images to the quote. The system allows you to set your markups to calculate the selling price and create a sales order and work order when ordered is confirmed by the customer. 

Work in Progress

The Work in Progress module manages and records expected versus actual input costs for manufactured products based on the Bill of Material and Labor. The system includes a Production Planning system that suggests what to build based on your criteria.

Mill Order/ Reman

The Mill Order/ Reman module manages and records expected versus actual yield for manufactured products where there are multiple inputs and multiple outputs, the final details of which are not known until the end of the job. Often this relates to a process of manufacturing where you could have multiple inputs and multiple outputs but don't always have a good indication of the final output. These jobs are generally measured in terms of yield (of input to output).

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Case Studies


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Health and Beauty Product Manufacturing


ProLab Health and Beauty is a Private label manufacturer of health & beauty products with over 150 years of combined team experience. The GMP-compliant facility is based in Vancouver, BC, and has what it takes to get the job done. ProLab helps customers realize their product dreams from development to production.

ProLab operates with tight margins and strict cost control, so we needed a well-priced but feature-rich...


Twelve Oaks Flooring

Twelve Oaks is a flooring supplier and distributor and has been in the flooring business for over a decade, mainly catering to flooring specialty stores across Canada and the USA. Today a thousand stores across North America have partnered with Twelve Oaks® to reinvigorate the meaning of value in the flooring trade. Our wide selection of products – engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, luxury vinyl, and laminate floors all bear the stamp of approval from our satisfied consumers. We have a dedicated in-house marketing...


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