Case Study: Loss Prevention Fasteners Final

Client: Loss Prevention Fasteners

Industry: Manufacturing

Loss Prevention Fasteners improves its customer service, business processes and inventory accuracy with Aquilon ERP software

Loss Prevention Fasteners specialize in high security, tamper-resistant, anti-theft, tamperproof, and specialty fasteners dating back to 1978.


The world is held together with nuts, bolts, and screws. Loss Prevention Fasteners takes great pride in supplying distributors in more than 40 countries. Their can-do attitude and approach to providing solutions for customers resulting in a win/win partnership. It’s more than a track record of delivering high-quality fasteners that makes Loss Prevention Fasteners a trusted brand. It is Stopping-Theft-Every-Day, and they understand that their business depends on the customers and the industries served.

We needed to keep up with the times and ensure our exemplary customer service is maintained, so we went looking for a system that could meet our specific business processes and requirements, said Bill Kellett, General Manager.

Due to the nature of the business, tens of thousands of SKUs are held in the inventory system, most of them only ordered when needed. LPF needed a powerful inventory, replenishment planning, and sales order management system that allowed us to optimize our inventory, manage orders, including backorders, sales, and purchases in foreign currencies and shipments from multiple locations. Another essential part of our business is dropshipping. We order from our manufacturing facilities and ship direct to our customers, bypassing our warehouse and cutting our handling and warehousing costs. All of this had to integrate into a back-end financial system.



LPF had to replace outdated processes and an older system, so we approached Aquilon, with whom we had had previous experience in another company. Aquilon helped us understand how we could easily manage our inventory using real-time processes using their software. We saw so many options to improve our service, manage our inventory and solve our dropshipping challenges. Aquilon had the resources to get the system implemented quickly, so it was an easy decision for us.



Our order management systems are vastly more efficient than before, and we don’t need to duplicate any transactions across different software systems. It’s hard to gauge as we did not do any formal measurements. Still, we estimate that we have improved our productivity by at least 25%, optimized our inventory, reduced our overall working capital, all while increasing sales.

We were able to install and run the system on existing hardware, and it ran well. An upgrade to SSD drives on the server has seen a significant performance increase as we are data intensive. The result is a system that performs well, is reliable, produces excellent data analysis, and allows us to make informed decisions based on the real-time data in the system.



Like any new system, it takes time to get used to how it works, but with training and direction from Aquilons support staff, we went live quickly and now rely on the software on a real-time basis. As we learn more and more about the software, we keep improving our processes and efficiencies. There is so much more to this software than meets the eye.

Our bottom line is much healthier today than before our Aquilon Implementation.

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