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Selecting and implementing an ERP system is not for the faint hearted. It takes time and effort and you want to do it properly to avoid the risk of a costly failure. Use our ERP Selection & Implementation Guide to help you take the right steps to success.

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Why Use Aquilon ERP?

Aquilon ERP adds value to your business, with what you need in one fully integrated package.

Working with different software packages means that you have enter data more than once, and it’s tough to keep the various packages in sync. Working with Aquilon, you get all of the functionality your business requires in one fully integrated software solution. Save time and effort, increase your data accuracy, and make informed decisions using real-time data. We currently service Canada and the United States of America.

How We Can Help Your Business

Reduce your risk and associated costs

Changing your existing ERP or implementing an ERP for the first time can be risky. Aquilon reduces this risk by ensuring we are a good "fit" with a prospective client. This "fit" includes ticking almost all their functionality requirement boxes and ensuring a suitable match of company cultures. We view this evaluation process as the potential beginning of a long-term "partnership" and "relationship." 

Next, we regularly present Aquilon ERP "live on-line" so that prospective clients can see the software in action. We encourage prospects to challenge us to make sure we meet or exceed their needs. Taking the time to ensure this "fit" dramatically reduces the risk for both the prospective client and Aquilon Software.

Our "Fast Implementation Methodology" and "phased" implementation approach further reduces the risk that can be associated with the implementation of a new ERP system.

Our "data conversion" system tools have seen customers "go live" in as little as two weeks (these scenarios were emergencies!). Let's face it, a shortened yet smooth implementation project saves time, money and keeps your employees engaged.

A phased implementation is always recommended. Start with the core of the system which consists of the features you have to have from day one. Once these are implemented and you are live, then do phased projects to implement the other functionality to improve your systems. From our experience we have found that clients that try to do to much in the initial phase often slow down the process and blow past their budgets.

Cut operational costs

Its generally recognized that a well-implemented ERP system would cut your operational costs anywhere between 15% and 20%. This is only the start to your savings and operational improvements, and, remember, these savings happen year after year, so when evaluating the return on your investment take this fact into account.

Optimize working capital

Optimizing your working capital is one of the best ways to improve cash flow. Aquilon's inventory optimization tools and real time visibility of all other data, will help you free up working capital and will allow you to redeploy it and resources into projects with a higher ROI.

Improve customer service, sales and profits

Real-time data and optimized working capital lead to improved visibility, fewer stock-outs, improved on-time delivery. Improved customer service, happier customers, increased sales, optimized inventory planning, and higher gross margins combined lead to a healthy boost to your bottom line. Only a fully integrated ERP system can do this for you!

Evaluate your Total Cost of Ownership

When evaluating a software solution, make sure it meets or exceeds your current and future business requirements, consider all the costs involved and ensure you feel comfortable with the potential vendor.  You should always factor the following three significant costs into your evaluation decision: software user licensing, implementation/user training, and ongoing support. With Aquilon ERP, your total cost of ownership (TCO) will be one of the lowest in the marketplace

Aquilon Software has a demonstrated history of achieving one of the lowest TCO's for growing and dynamic, small and medium-sized companies. When combined with the software's longevity, Aquilon clients consistently report:

  • Improved operational productivity.
  • Savings of operation costs.
  • Ongoing process improvement.
  • Improved decision due to real time visibility and data analysis.
Gain insightful decision making

Harnessing your data gives you knowledge which powers insightful decision making. A sound ERP system will generate a good deal of data for you. But how is this data used to give you insight, to make the right decisions promptly? Data must be harnessed quickly into powerful analytics and reporting to provide you with the knowledge to make insightful decisions. Aquilon gives you many tools to analyze your data and improve your business decision-making, including our Management Dashboard which gives you a 360° view of your business operations, providing efficient use of your time.

Drive productivity and efficiency improvements.

Frustrated employees are unproductive. Give them the tools to make their life easier and day-to-day tasks more straightforward, and you notice an increase in productivity. Aquilon's single integrated business software will save time effort by eliminating redundant business processes. It will produce a single set of real-time and accurate data and cut out waste by removing duplicate processes.  Happy employees are productive employees!

Prepare for growth

Growth calls for change, be ready for complexities such as managing multiple locations, dealing with increased staff communications, sharing information across departments, and executing better processes arise that basic systems cannot handle. A successful ERP implementation will allow you to grow without increasing associated costs, and you will leverage your investment for the future and beyond

While Aquilon ERP is a feature-rich software solution; many small and mid-sized businesses will not use the complete suite of the features to start. However, they will begin to "switch on" complete modules and specific features within modules, as they grow. Aquilon's flexibility provides clients a software solution and business partner that will grow with them. Aquilon is continuously listening to suggestions for improvement and specific feature requests from clients. Customer feedback is a substantial driver for our development team. 

Using the Aquilon SAAS model, our clients appreciate the advantage of starting small in the Cloud and adding users and Cloud resources as they grow. You don't pay for resources that you don't need today, and you do not have to face the cost of changing server hardware as the requirements evolve and the business expands.

Gain a business advantage using technology

ERP is no longer just for big companies. Fully integrated systems have become a 'must have' for any size company looking to remain competitive. Increasingly organizations look to technology to gain competitive advantages. Get a jump start on your competitors and contact Aquilon Software today.

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Why Our Clients Use Our Software

Get your free ERP Selection & Implementation Guide

Selecting and implementing an ERP system is not for the faint hearted. Takes time and effort and you want to do it properly to
avoid the risk of a costly failure. Use our free ERP selection guide to help you take the right steps to success.