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Manufacturing Resource Planning


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Aquilon ERP for manufacturing management is ideal for small and mid-sized growing manufacturers and distributors. The manufacturing module seamlessly integrates manufacturing processes and departments from start to finish. With its flexible design structure, this module is quickly integrated with Microsoft Office, Open Office and third party solutions. The manufacturing module provides a complete solution to support you and can make your business more productive, competitive and responsive to your customers' needs.

All our modules combine to provide a powerful solution for make-to-order and make-to-stock manufacturing environments. Ideal applications include: building from master schedules and sales forecasts, demand driven MRP, re-order points, EOQ, min/max/multiples, and make to order processes. Additionally, this module integrates with customer service, invoicing, and sales analysis, providing for effective communications and control between these essential business functions.

By integrating the manufacturing module you get more than just efficient manufacturing practices. You are likely to experience improved business processes in multiple areas of the company, which can lead to continuous savings in time and money, and more satisfied customers.

  • Improved customer service
  • Sales price can be reduced
  • Ability to change the master schedule
  • Ability to make products more competitively
  • Greater responsiveness to market demands
  • Significant reduction in setup and tear-down costs
  • Reduction in idle time
  • Reduced inventory
  • Visibility into planned schedule before actual release orders
  • Ability to advance or delay order due dates
  • Aided capacity planning
  • Ability to cancel or delay orders
  • Ability to change or modify order quantities
  • System notifications for when to expedite or de-expedite

How does this work?

Manufacturing management is a collection of methods and technologies for optimizing efficiency within a manufacturing company. The software provides and uses real-time information about jobs and orders, labor and materials, machine status, and product shipments to support the management of the production processes.

Our manufacturing management module is closely integrated with the Financial Management module and the Distribution & Supply Chain module. The central database is updated for supplies coming in and products going out, for Sales Orders being received and shipments being made; for manufactured products being added to inventory and the rate at which more products can be produced.

Using Aquilon ERP, manufacturers can be sure that every department gets up-to-date views on their area of the business.

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